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Santa Ana Back and Neck Injury Lawyer

Welcome to California Law Associates. Santa Ana Workers Compensation Attorney Shehzad Ahmad has been successfully fighting for more than 20 years for the rights of clients who have been debilitated by neck and back injuries while on the job.

A highly seasoned Workers Compensation Lawyer, Mr. Ahmad has obtained numerous high dollar settlements for injured workers who live and work in Santa Ana and throughout the region.

If you have suffered a back injury or neck injury in the course of employment, please contact Santa Ana Workers Compensation Lawyer and Back and Neck Injury Attorney Shehzad Ahmad at California Law Associates, (714) 542-3377, for a free consultation. A dedicated advocate on behalf of injured workers, Workplace Accident Attorney Ahmad fights vigorously to preserve and protect the rights of his clients.

Santa Ana Workers Comp Lawyer Shehzad Ahmad and his caring staff will stay in contact to keep you informed about the status of your Benefits Claim, will thoroughly answer all of your questions to ensure that you understand your rights, and will quickly address all client calls and emails. Contact our office to schedule your consultation with our Back Injury Lawyer and Neck Injury Attorney today.

Back and Neck Injury Attorney in Santa Ana

Workers Compensation claims based on back or neck injuries are not only extremely common, but are also highly difficult to prove that they are work related.

As a result, the vast majority of these claims are denied. Santa Ana Workers Comp Attorney Shehzad Ahmad has extensive experience obtaining results for injured workers who are suffering from these injuries.

At California Law Associates, our Back Injury Attorney and Neck Injury Lawyer have successfully represented individuals who have sustained a broad range of work related back injuries and neck injuries, including but not limited to the following:

These injuries generally occur over a long time period, and if they remain untreated, may result in permanent disability. Due to the difficulty treating these injuries, it is critical that you obtain medical care as soon as possible.

Santa Ana Workers Compensation Lawyer Shehzad Ahmad understands how to present your Claim before the Workers Comp Board to ensure that you receive the medical treatment and financial benefits that you deserve.

Contact a Santa Ana Work Injury Law Firm Today

If you have a work related back or neck injury, please complete our Workers Compensation Case Evaluation Form. Our Back and Neck Injury Lawyer will thoroughly review the information provided and contact you to schedule your free, in-office consultation.

For immediate assistance, please call Santa Ana Workers Compensation Attorney Shehzad Ahmad at California Law Associates by calling (714) 542-3377 to set up your free consultation.