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Union Workers & ADR Representation
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Anaheim Workers Compensation Lawyers

Anaheim Workers Comp Lawyer and Union Work Injury Attorneys at California Law Associates are dedicated to representing individuals who have suffered injuries at work in Anaheim and in communities throughout Orange County. If you’ve been hurt on the job, call our experienced Workers Compensation Attorneys at (714) 542-3377 for a free consultation and help in obtaining the maximum financial and medical benefits allowed by California Law.Anaheim Workers Compensation Attorney Shehzad Ahmad

As the lead attorney at our dedicated Workers Compensation Law Firm, Anaheim Workers Compensation Attorney Shehzad Ahmad has more than 20 years of experience in achieving successful outcomes on behalf of injured workers. Anaheim Workers Comp Lawyer Ahmad works diligently to efficiently guide each Workers Compensation Benefits Claim. In addition, Anaheim Attorney Ahmad is an experienced Union Workers Comp Attorney who skillfully represents union members in Alternative Dispute Resolution matters while aggressively pursuing all available options on each client’s behalf.

If you’ve been hurt at work, please contact Anaheim Workers Compensation Lawyer Shehzad Ahmad at (714) 542-3377. During your free consultation with a skilled, compassionate Workers Comp Attorney, you will have the opportunity to share details of your case. Our Workers Comp Benefits Attorney will offer you an honest assessment of the benefits for which you are eligible.

At California Law Associates, we take many work injury matters on contingency, and our clients are not asked to pay unless our Anaheim Workers Comp Attorney obtains a settlement or judgment in the case. If you have already filed a claim and it has been denied, our Workers Comp Benefits Lawyer can provide experienced advice and legal representation in order to obtain an approval for your claim.

As Anaheim Workers Compensation Lawyers, we understand the many ways your workplace accident or work injury has caused physical, emotional, and financial stress for you and your family. Contact California Law Associates today.

Workers Compensation Attorney for Anaheim

As a knowledgeable Workers Comp Lawyer, Mr. Ahmad and a caring team of professionals represent women and men who have sustained a range of on-the-job injuries, including:

Brain Injury Amputation Torn Rotator Cuff Back Injuries Tendonitis Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Spinal Cord Injury Catastrophic Illness Severe Burns Cervical Neck Injury Respiratory Illness Injuries from Construction Accidents Repetitive Motion Injury Death Paralysis Head Injury Organ Damage Illness due to Toxic Chemical Exposure Nerve Damage Neck Injuries Lung Disease Industrial Accident Injury Lumbar Back Injuries Blindness Hearing Loss

Third Party Liability Attorney

Anaheim Workers Compensation Attorney and Third Party Liability Lawyer Shehzad Ahmad represents clients who are involved in any Third Party Liability matter. These cases involve a hurt worker who sues another party for negligence in a Personal Injury Lawsuit in addition to submitting a Workers Compensation Benefits Claim.

Union Workplace Injury Lawyer | ADR Representation

When a union member is injured on the job, the union worker must go through a separate process before being approved for benefits. Union Workers Compensation Lawyer Ahmad is highly knowledgeable in the Alternative Dispute Resolution process. He is skilled as a negotiator and he knows how to obtain results for clients.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Attorney and Anaheim Workers Comp Attorney Ahmad proudly provides skilled representation to individuals who work in a range of industries, including:

Teachers Air Traffic Controllers Refinery Workers Airline Employees Office Workers Childcare Providers Nurses Computer Professionals Industrial Workers Construction Workers Hotel Employees Data Entry Healthcare Professionals Food Service Workers General Laborers Grocery Store Workers

As Workers Compensation Benefits Lawyers, Construction Accident Workplace Injury Attorneys, Toxic Exposure Lawyers, Industrial Injury Lawyers, and Workplace Illness Attorneys, we diligently work to achieve the best outcome possible for each client. We have secured numerous high value settlements and judgments for our clients. As Repetitive Motion Injury Lawyers, Back Injury Attorneys, Neck Injury Lawyers, Catastrophic Work Injury Attorneys, and Lung Disease and Respiratory Illness Lawyers, we strive to obtain the highest level of benefits that California law allows.

Eligibility for Workers Compensation in Anaheim

Our Workers Compensation Attorneys are committed to using every legal resource to help workers obtain the medical and financial benefits they need for recovery after suffering injuries in the workplace. Anaheim Workers Comp Lawyers at California Law Associates strive to secure for clients as many of the following benefits as they pertain to each unique situation:

Medical Expenses Vocational Retraining Temporary Disability Payments Rehabilitative Treatment Permanent Disability Payments

If you were hurt at work in any way, call a skilled Anaheim Workers Compensation Attorney at California Law Associates today. There are strict deadlines which must be met, and we will ensure that your case is submitted within the legal time limits so as not to delay your benefits.

Call Anaheim Workers Compensation Lawyers Today!

Whether your injury is due to a workplace accident, or your illness has developed slowly over time, please call our Anaheim Workers Comp Lawyer by phone at (714) 542-3377. We can also be reached online. We offer a complimentary initial consultation with our Anaheim Workers Comp Attorneys, Repetitive Motion Injuries Attorneys, Catastrophic Work Injury Lawyers and Construction Accident Work Injury Lawyers. Our Toxic Exposure Attorneys, Neck Injury Attorneys, Industrial Injury Attorneys, Workplace Illness Lawyers, Lung Disease and Respiratory Illness Attorneys, and Back Injury Lawyers have a comprehensive understanding of the California’s Workers Compensation claims process.

For more than 20 years, our practice has been focused on serving clients with high quality legal services. If you are unable to meet us at our office, our Workers Comp Attorneys can arrange to meet in your office or home, or at the hospital or inpatient facility. Our Anaheim Attorneys and Alternative Dispute Resolution Lawyers reply to calls and emails promptly, and we keep our clients updated as their case progresses.


When driving from the Anaheim area to our offices, begin heading south on S. Lemon St. and make a right on W. Broadway. Turn left at S. Harbor Blvd. Take the 5 South for three miles and exit at Broadway/Main Street. Keep right to merge on N. Broadway. Our office is at 2107 N. Broadway.